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Wakey, wakey.


Hiro wants attention.

I decided there is time for comfy pants...

...and Farmville.

More attention, please!

Attempt to beautify.

Grab keys, and notice the remnants of Monday's epic D&D battle.

One last attempt at barring the way.

Check out my plants.

Rose bush is rampant.

Clear skies today!

Going to be late.

Because I have to go through this.

Hello downtown Pittsburgh.

Destination: Our Place, owned by a former coworker.

I take a spot in front of the deliciousness.

Ashley says, "Mmm pancakes."

Lucy, the owner, proceeds to make more cake.

One of my favorite stores, they always have goofy signs.

But inside, it's very pretty.

This corner is very much to my liking.

Pretty much sums up my view on chocolate.

I'd never tried their gelato, so we do.

We both get the cinnamon caramel.

iPhone photo from Ashley.

Where I get stuff to make muffaletta sammiches.

Yes, we are.

What Yinzer's sells...

And it's owner, friend of my friend.

Goodbye for now Strip District.

Where I will be later.

Home to do laundry...

... then dishes.

Fiddle around with the guitar.

Then decide to polish my nails.

While watching Julie & Julia.

Waste some time playing WoW.

Then I'm hungry and the boyfriend is almost home, so it's time to make muffalettas.

Boyfriend's home!

They are late opening the doors for the Covenant show.

So I decide to take a walk.

Inside finally.

Holy soundboard, Batman.

Sam hanging out upstairs.

Still waiting for the first band.

Then there was a flaming hula hoop dancer.

During Debutante.

And a guy eating fire.

Then Encoder, who covered New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle and The Eurhythmics' Sweet Dreams. Lead singer was a giantess who sounded great.

And finally, Covenant. Too busy bopping around to take pics...

But we decide that Eskil Simonsson has a Bowie-esque quality to him.

Last pic before my camera battery died, goodnight!



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